Saturday, July 3, 2010

Colour selections done!

Well it has been a while since I've blogged about our house. Until now, nothing has happened since the soil test, and that happened at Easter. It has taken about 3 months to have our colour selections appointment, and we still have a week to wait for the contracts. Anyway, the colours have been chosen. We have 7 days to make changes to the colours, and there are a few things I want to change.

Ok, here's what we have chosen:



Boral Brushwood
Off-white mortar, rolled


Boral Gunmetal, Macquarie profile
Gutters - Colorbond Monument
Fascia - Colorbond Paperbark


A&L Windows, Merino

Garage Door

Both front and rear roller door - Colorbond Paperbark

Exterior Paint

Downpipes - Haymes CB Monument
Window infills - Haymes CB Paperbark
Meterbox - Haymes CB Monument
External ceilings - Marble Mist
Front Door - Ginger Spice


Benchtop - Pearl Bisque, D mould edges
Cupboards - Concept Oak
Handles - 5012 Series T-Bar 12mm 160mm
Handle direction - Vertical to doors, Horizontal to drawers
Splashback - to be installed after handover
Floor tiles - to be installed after handover

Ensuite & Bathroom

Benchtop - Pearl Bisque, edges square
Cupboards - Concept Oak
Handles - 5010 Series T-Bar 10mm 96mm
Handle Direction - Vertical to doors
Basin/Bath - White
Showerbase - White
Shower screen - Polished silver
Tapware - Upgraded to mixer taps
Tiles - see below

Door Handles
All from the standard range, all in bright chrome

Internal Paint

Ceiling / Cornices - Flat White
Walls - Whitewash
Doors - Marble Mist
Skirting/Architraves - Marble Mist

Benchtops + Cupboards


The bathroom and ensuite tiles will be the same.

1. Shower tile - Gloss White 20 X 40 laid vertically
2. All other wall tiles - Gloss White 10 X 30 laid horizontally
3. Feature bath tile - Gloss Cream 10 X 30 laid horizontally both on the side and top of bath
4. Floor tile - Millenium Stone 33 X 33
5. Feature tile strip in the shower, off-centered - Emperador Blend

Bathroom + Ensuite tiles

Feature tile

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